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Cocktails Hawkers Bar and Brasserie Kingston Upon Thames CocktailCocktail Hawkers Bar and Brasserie Kingston Upon Thames CocktailsCocktail Hawkers Bar and Brasserie Kingston Upon Thames Cocktails

Whether you’re looking for classic cocktails or something with a locally themed twist, Hawkers Bar and Brasserie is the place to visit if you’re looking for a cocktail in Kingston upon Thames. Our range of cocktails and sparkling drinks is extensive. We also cater to those who want to enjoy the cocktail experience without an alcoholic twist. Whatever the occasion, stop by and enjoy a drink with us.

The Aviator Kingston’s own Beckett’s gin, fresh lemon, Crème de Violette, Maraschino liqueur & sugar. The only gin in the world distilled with British juniper and mint 9
Smoking GoldfishSmoked Islay Whiskey, ginger syrup, applewood liqueur, Home-made ginger jam8
Snap Roll Gin based “Breakfast “ Martini with marmalade and slice of toast8.5
Reverse Snap Roll Ketel One Vodka, Tia Maria & cream served with a DoubleTree chocolate chip cookie8
Sopwith Bee (In Your Bonnet) Krupnik Honey Vodka, agave syrup, Tapatio Reposado Tequila, lime & sugar8.5
For Flights SakeAward winning Jinzu Sake based-gin, Kwai Feh lychee liqueur, garnished like a geisha8.5
Storm In A Tea Cup Fine Earl Grey Dammann tea served with Angostura 5y0 Rum, peach bitters, fine Surrey honey and lime in a tea cup8
The Earl Grey MartiniTanqueray Gin, Fine Earl Grey Dammann tea syrup, lemon mint and apple. Served as a gentleman expects8
A Bloody Good MaryRussian Standard Vodka, fresh lemon, horseradish, Worcestershire sauce, tomato juice and a dash of our secret sauce8.5
BelliniPeach Puree topped with Prosecco8
Leroy Prosecco, strawberry puree, vanilla & a splash of vodka9
French 75ml Tanqueray, lemon juice, sugar syrup9
Old Cuban Prosecco, elderflower cordial & liqueur, lemon11
Hugo Prosecco, Elderflower Cordial, lime juice8.5
Mojito Havana 3yr Rum, lime & muddled mint & a dash of soda water8
Sours (Amaretto/Whiskey or Rum) with lemon, bitters & egg white served over crushed ice8.5
Daiquiri 3yr old Havana Rum, lime & sugar8
Moscow Mule Russian Standard Vodka, lime & a dash of bitters topped with our home-made ginger beer served in a copper cup8
Dark & Stormy Havana 7yr old rum, Angostura Bitters, lime & ginger beer8.5
Margarita Olmeca blanco, Cointreau with lime & sugar served with salt or not8.5
Cosmopolitan Absolut Vodka with lemon & lime, Cointreau & cranberry juice8.5
French Martini Absolut Vodka, Chambord, shaken with pineapple juice8
Old Fashioned Bulleit Bourbon, sugar & bitters served with a flamed orange8.5
Negroni Tanqueray Gin, Orange Campari & bitters8.5
Elderflower Collins Tanqueray Gin, Elderflower cordial, lemon & sugar8
Paloma Olmeca blanco Tequila with grapefruit juice, lime, sugar syrup poured over cubed ice with a dash of Cointreau8
Espresso Martini Russian Standard Vodka, Tia Maria & espresso8.5
Hawkers Cup Home-made basil syrup, cucumber, mint & soda4
Tea on the rocks Home-made Earl grey Iced tea with peach purée4
Home made ginger beer Ginger jam with lemon & lemonade4
Apple Pie Cinnamon syrup with apple & pear juice4